Your Special Place


Your Special Place 

With your support of the Abbotsford Convent’s Your Special Place summer appeal, you will help us enhance our beloved 6.8 hectares of green open space that have been freely enjoyed by literally millions of people since we opened in 2004.

Filled with many significant heritage trees and wonderful plants that bring so much joy to so many people, nature at the Convent stops for no one, and you can help us with the work happening every day to nurture this special inner-city oasis.

Your gift will bolster our capacity to nurture our heritage trees, alongside practical projects such as installing water-efficient irrigation systems. 

The support of the community is what brings the Convent to life each year and has sustained us. Our strong community of supporters make a meaningful impact on the 1,000’s of people who enjoy and benefit from this special place every day.

If you enjoy your experiences at the Convent and feel passionate about protecting this special place for our generation and those to come, please consider making a personal tax-deductible gift today. 

Help us raise $50,000 – please give now. 


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If you would like to discuss your gift, please contact: 

Enrica Longo, Head of Development, on 0407 081 912 or via email. 


Meet our Garden Volunteers

As part of the appeal, we spent some time with our dedicated Garden Volunteers. Meet them in the video below, and learn more about what makes the Convent, and its surrounds, so special. Thank you to our talented visitor, Sierra Contrer, for the beautiful Super 8 footage.