This special venue was brought back to life in 2013 with walls, floors and ceilings restored and specialist lighting installed for events and performances. Layers and layers of different coloured paint were stripped off the walls and the wooden ceiling and then left it as it was, with a clear lacquer over the top. The floors were sanded numerous times too and shiny polish was put on top of the beautiful original boards. The ceiling at the western end of the Oratory has a magnificent leadlight window in it. Where the altar once stood underneath it, now a very special performance/presentation area is offered. It has been painted pristine white to really show it off. The space is now all ready for use. The space is designed to be used to present music, either classical or contemporary, theatre, installations, projections and immersive experiences.

This project was undertaken with funds from the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) Arts Trust, which is supported by the generosity of public donations.