6.8 hectares, 11 heritage buildings, 20+ venues, 1,000+ events annually, 4 onsite eateries, 2 galleries, 120+ studios and 1 million+ visitors every year.

    The Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) relies on the support of the community to protect and maintain the Convent’s heritage buildings, gardens and grounds; support site-wide sustainability initiatives; keep our doors open; our entry free; our artists and practitioners supported; and to activate the site with a range of artistic and cultural programming throughout the year.

    We’re currently fundraising to protect and reinvigorate a unique piece of the Convent’s precious outdoor spaces. Your support will help us enliven an under-utilised pocket of land, introduce new green initiatives to the space, protect our heritage-listed trees, drought-proof these gardens and grounds, and help more people in our community live well. Please donate today.