Keep it Green

The Abbotsford Convent’s expansive grounds and gardens provide a unique and deeply special community space for connection—and they’re free for everyone to enjoy, 365 days of the year.

Each summer, we seek community support via our annual ‘Keep it Green’ appeal to help protect the Convent’s 6.8 hectares of precious green open space, and take important steps towards a greener future at the Convent.

Each donation helps celebrate the vital role that our gardens and grounds play in facilitating community connectedness, encouraging health and wellbeing, and nurturing wildlife in their native habitat on this precious peninsula of the Yarra River.

In 2016, we launched the very first ‘Keep it Green’ appeal.

What we have achieved to date with your support:

  • Recycled up to 2.5 million litres of storm water each year by purchasing new tanks
  • Upgraded and extended garden irrigation systems
  • Purchased and planted over 500 new Indigenous, native and exotic plants and shrubs
  • Improved sustainability by recycling wood ash, coffee grounds from Convent cafés, and livestock manure and compost from the Collingwood Children’s Farm

There is always more to be done

Protecting and nurturing the Convent’s historically significant gardens and grounds is vital year-round, not just in the warmer months. Continued community support will help to ensure their ongoing protection and maintenance, as well as the implementation of site-wide ‘green’ initiatives that will support the precinct’s sustainable future.

The Convent is a stunning urban retreat, and it’s yours to enjoy – but we need your support to keep it green.

The Convent’s gardens and grounds require year-round care and maintenance. You can donate at any time to support the protection of the Convent’s precious gardens and grounds. For more information, or to have a chat about how you can help make a difference for the Convent’s present and future, please call Alexandra Murphy, Head of Development, on 03 9415 3607.

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