Convent Kids

Convent Kids is an exciting program developed by the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) for children and families to explore and create art together. Developed in collaboration with leading artists, Convent Kids offers a range of fun hands-on activities that will inspire children and their families to experiment, learn and make art together.

The ACF recognises that children play an active role in community and cultural life, and that childhood is a period of rapid cognitive, kinaesthetic, social and aesthetic learning. We also believe that children should have an active engagement in arts, culture and their community – and the Convent Kids program is underpinned by this philosophy.

Convent Kids is designed to foster lifelong engagement with the arts and improve children’s educational outcomes by firmly placing children at the centre of arts and cultural activity. Through Convent Kids, we will create environments where children and families feel welcome to connect with their community and participate in play-based learning together.

The Convent Kids program is generously supported by City of Yarra as part of the Investing in Community Grants Program.

Organisations and artists we are proud to partner with:

Katie Lee
Kids’ Own Publishing
Patma Music
Playable Streets
Polyglot Theatre
Slow Art Collective
Want to collaborate?

Like many of the Convent’s other key programs, Convent Kids is delivered in partnership with other arts and cultural organisations and practitioners.

If you’re an arts organisation, or an educational organisation with an arts and cultural focus, and believe that you have a program suited to a partnership or collaboration with the Convent, please feel free to get in touch with the ACF Producer, Natalie Smith.