Convent Live

Whether presented in the raw interiors of the Industrial School, the beautifully restored rotunda at the heart of our heritage gardens, or the austere surrounds of the Sacred Heart courtyard, Convent Live is a chance to enjoy a diverse range of performances up close and personal with talented local, national and international performers.

Abbotsford Convent works in collaboration with a range of curators, thinkers and creatives to conceive of and deliver our programs. Creative collaborators include Convent Live’s classical music curatorial consultant Chris Howlett as well as our industry pals and partners Afro Hub, Channels Festival, Liquid Architecture, Joel Ma and Aarti Jadu.

Most recently, we were delighted to partner with Afro Hub on Leaps and Bound Festival events Melbourne African Traditional Ensemble with DJ Eva Lubulwa and After Party; and with Channels Festival on Composite Acts by David Rosetzky.

If you’re an arts organisation, or an educational organisation with an arts and cultural focus, and believe that you have a program suited to a partnership or collaboration with the Convent, please get in touch with our Programming Team.