Abbotsford Convent Studio Residency Program

About the program

The Abbotsford Convent Studio Residency Program focuses on supporting artists to investigate site-specific and/or site-responsive practice. Artistic investigations undertaken through the residency will be presented throughout our precinct to foster delight and dialogue, as well as encourage engagement between our site, urban landscape, artistic community and audiences.

The residency offers a unique opportunity to have time, space and support to undertake site-specific or responsive research, investigation and consideration. It offers you an opportunity to invest in your own artistic practice and at the same time, build your professional network and share your work with diverse audiences.

The Convent, with its many buildings, generous landscapes, many and diverse people and textured history, is fascinating and layered. The continual change experienced across the history, combined with the spaces within and in-between our built environment, are delightfully porous and ripe for artistic investigation.

You can read about 2021 residency alumni’s experience, Hellen Sky here

Previous residents 

Luke George (2018)
Minna Gilligan (2018)
Leisa Shelton (2019)
Acacia Christensen (2019)
Tanzer (2020)
Jacob Boehme (2021)
Hellen Sky (2021) 
Jo Lloyd (2022)

 “As an Artist in Residence with ACF, I have been offered the key elements of all artistic practice which have enabled and strengthened both my practice and my resilience as an artist. SPACE within which to house and hold my work, SUPPORT to continue to build the courage to continue to make work in these demanding times and CONFIDENCE in my current projects and my place as an artist here in Australia.” Leisa Shelton

 “My residency at the Convent gave me unprecedented freedom in my creative practice. The program was incredibly encouraging and flexible in terms of my creative outcomes, and providing spaces with which I could create. While COVID-19 restrictions meant I couldn’t complete my intended activity, I was able to develop and film several video works within the space that ensured my creative practice could continue during an incredibly challenging time. The staff’s continued support surrounding the eventual delivery of my main project goes above and beyond what I could ever have expected. I cherish my relationship with the Convent and it definitely made me feel a sense of support and community at a time I needed it most.” Hayley Tanzer

 “Having the opportunity to be the artist-in-residence at the Abbotsford Convent has allowed me to widely expand what my arts practice looks like. This unique chance to have a large and dedicated, hands-on support network within the Convent itself while being able to keep my time there self-directed is something that I haven’t had access to with other programs in the past. Going forward, this residency has given me some new skill sets and a different approach to how I produce and curate large-scale work and continue to adapt my art to fit different spaces than the norm. I’m looking forward to continuing to make art with the Convent.” Acacia Christensen


In March 2024, Abbotsford Convent will publish a callout for applications for the Studio Residency.

Two Residencies will be offered:

  1. July-December 2024
  2. January – June 2025

Applicants may apply for only one of the two residencies.

If you have any questions about the Studio Residency Program, please contact Marcia Ferguson (Producer) on