Katie Burke

    Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines to identify and resolve blockages and imbalances in the body on physical and metaphysical levels. The body has an innate healing intelligence but stresses can interrupt the energy flow resulting in symptoms.        

    Symptomatic stress may manifest as physical pain, emotional stress, allergies, addictions, learning difficulties, postural problems, digestive disorders, systemic diseases and so on. An imbalance will also affect different people in different ways as we are by-products of our genetics and our past experiences. Kinesiology addresses uniqueness and how the complex, interactive relationships on all levels of a person’s being are functioning.

    Kinesiology uses muscle testing to access information about a person’s wellbeing. An unlocking muscle indicates a stress or imbalance somewhere in the body. Drawing on Chinese philosophies, kinesiology recognises the integral relationship between flow of energy in a meridian and its related muscles, organs and emotions.

    To bring the body back into a state of balance kinesiology uses natural and complementary remedies such as acupressure, nutritional support, flower essences and aromatherapy to shift blocked energy. Talking through emotional stress can be an important part of the procedure as there is often a causal emotion. Enhanced awareness can allow a greater freedom of choice in decision making, help eliminate inappropriate reactions and alleviate anxiety about the future. By changing patterns you can change physiological reactions and energetic disturbances in the body opening the way to harmony of mind, body and spirit.

    Katie Burke has been practising kinesiology since 2001 and is a member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and the ATMS. Sessions are available throughout the week by appointment only.