Rick Matear

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Melbourne artist Rick Matear loves painting and the atmosphere at the Abbotsford Convent. His door is usually open, where he can be seen making pictures. Rick is renowned for his compelling depictions of the picturesque coastal area of the Mornington Peninsula. His paintings reflect his love of the beach and landscape, where he has spent every summer he can remember. Painting it extends summer as long as possible, says Rick.

Rick has been exhibiting his works in one-man shows for the past five years at various galleries in Sorrento, and before then the past 10 years at Collins Street Gallery Melbourne. In January, 2016, he curated a group show ‘At the beach’ in Sorrento and will exhibit his recent work at Australian Galleries Melbourne in April 2016. His latest series of paintings have a chic European sensibility and exotic essence, evoking the mood and atmosphere of the Mediterranean in his scenes of dreamy decadence of the Mornington Peninsula. In his delicate paintings, luminous figures are depicted rising out from rippling waves, sunbathing on gleaming white sand and bathing boxes are pictured pressed against the edge of cliffs, their hard structures disappearing into soft foliage.