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La traduction est activée.

Rencontrer les artistes videos series originated in 2020as a pilot project in response to the impacts of COVID lockdowns and restrictions on the Convent tenant community and on our wider community digitally—who were hungry for connection despite the isolation due to COVID restrictions.

Engaging with film production company Einwick, with support of the City of Yarra, we shot two Convent-based artists Cône 11 et David Booth (ghostpatrol). These stunning films took viewers on a showcased ‘virtual tour’ of each artist’s space, giving insight into their creative practice and connection to the Convent precinct.

In 2021, with the support of the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE)—an Australian Government initiative, we expanded this project to include an additional 20 Convent-based artists and organisations across 15 videos. 

The Convent created this series to profile independent Convent artists and creatives connected to our growing online community, to offset the ongoing setbacks and financial uncertainties from the pandemic, and promote their work to a wider audience. At the same time the series was a way for the Convent to connect online with our loyal, curious and growing community by providing them with a rare and intimate peak into the studios and worlds of Convent based artists and creators.

Rencontrer les artistes showcases the diversity of creatives and the unique and quality creative works and experiences created at the precinct. Please enjoy this stunning, intimate glimpse into the diverse minds, work and studio spaces of the Convents vibrant and passionate tenant community.