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Supporter profiles

Meet some of our amazing supporters and discover the reasons behind why they donate to the Abbotsford Convent Foundation.

Ruth Jones, Donor and Board Member

Ruth has been a Board member and valued monthly donor since 2016. Ruth’s monthly gifts provide the Convent with reliable, flexible income that helps us to plan and is a real investment in the sustainable future of the Convent.

Peter Griffin AM, Donor

Peter is a generous annual donor and has a long-standing personal connection with Abbotsford Convent, having been fascinated with the site since his earlier years. He prefers to contribute untied donations for general purpose working capital at the Convent—enabling us to utilise his gifts wherever they are needed most at the time.

Peter and his family love to visit the precinct and observe the activity on-site. They believe the gardens are an important community asset—offering opportunities for enjoyment, live musical programming and connection.

Simon Cowen, Donor

Simon loves coming to the Convent with his family and has been a regular visitor to the precinct for the past few years. He discovered the Convent when he and his family were looking for a beautiful green space to relax in, close to home. Simon has been a generous matched funding partner of ACF fundraising appeals, and sees philanthropy as an important part of being a member of a community.