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Sustainability Projects

In 2013 the Abbotsford Convent Foundation undertook a number of effective projects to make the Convent more environmentally sustainable. This work included an update to the watering systems to sustain the gardens and further green the Convent, window treatments to control the climate of the interiors of the buildings without using power or gas and bike racks to encourage more visitors to utilise their bicycles when visiting the Convent.

These projects were brought to fruition with the generous support of: Kay Campbell, Elizabeth Chernov, Paul Cowan – River Capital Foundation, Joyce Evans, Jennifer Frost, William J Forrest AM, Ilona Hamilton, BL Howe AM & RT Howe, Prof. Andrea Hull AO, Hugh Lane, William Logan, Maggie Maguire, Victoria Marles, John and Paula McLeod, Pamela McLure, Christine Polyzos, The Ian Potter Foundation, Mary Rhyllis Clark, Sally Romanes, Judith Rutherford, Greg Shalit & Miriam Faine, Antonia Syme and Jan Williams, and anonymous donations.