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Sacred Heart Restoration

The Sacred Heart building restoration was completed in March 2018, after more than four years of planning, and eight months of restorations works.

Completed by an expert team dedicated to the preservation of the building – including Kerstin Thompson Architects (KTA) and FDC Construction and Fitout – and with input from Heritage Victoria, the Sacred Heart building now offers fit-for-use studios, showrooms, offices and retail spaces, contributing to the sustainability and growth of the Convent long-term. Sacred Heart includes two venue hire spaces – the Sheet Room for community meeting and workshops access, and the Packing Room, which includes wet room facilities for arts activities and workshops.

This project was made possible with government, philanthropic and community support. In May 2015 the ACF received a challenge grant of $2.681 million from the Australian Government’s National Stronger Regions Fund to restore the Sacred Heart building. This significant support matched an extremely generous donation of $2 million from the Dara Foundation, as well as funds raised by the ACF over the past decade.

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