Matthew Flinders: Adventures on Leaky Ships by Carole Wilkinson, Illustrated by Prue Pittock

$24.99 AUD

Matthew Flinders was determined to map the entire coast of the continent Australia. His story is packed to the gunwales with adventure but more than this, it is a story of loyalty to his crew, love for his wife, and affection for the brave little cat who sailed with him.

Best-selling author Carole Wilkinson brings her considerable story telling talent to this tale of skill, passion and determination. Stylishly illustrated by artist Prue Pittock.

Will bring a new understanding to young readers of the important role that navigation and exploration played in the history of, not just Australia, but the entire world.

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About the publisher.

Wild Dog Books is a multi-award-winning Australian independent publisher of the best books for children and young people.

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$24.99 AUD

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