Earth Matters: Loving Our Planet by Carole Wilkinson, Illustrated by Hilary Cresp

$24.99 AUD

Earth does so much for us. Let’s understand what we need to do to love our planet. Earth Matters.

"This beautiful book explains the science of climate change in a child-friendly way. It helps children see how their own choices can make a tangible difference to the wonderful planet that is their home. I highly recommend this book" - Libby Skeels, Psychologist, Psychology for a Safe Climate.

"A healthy Earth matters, so this book is a must read!" - Professor David Karoly, Climate Scientist, University of Melbourne.

Teacher Notes are available through the Wild Dog Website.


About the publisher.

Wild Dog Books is a multi-award-winning Australian independent publisher of the best books for children and young people.

Wild Dog knows the power of a great story told well, and they are wild about using story to get young readers excited. That’s why the Wild Dog list is where you will find the best children’s books on our environment, on our history, on our future and on everything in between.


$24.99 AUD

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