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These stories gathered from South Sudanese families living in rural Victoria are accompanied by the extraordinary illustrations and commentary of their children. The accounts of epic treks to a new life, and years endured in refugee camps, are infused with a sense of hope and celebration through vibrant narratives and humour.


H-23.5cm, W-16cm, D-0.6cm


About the publisher.

Kids’ Own Publishing is a not-for-profit arts organisation that empowers children, families and communities from diverse cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds to share their stories through artist-led processes and community publishing. Children’s community publishing is widely endorsed by professionals in early learning centres, schools and libraries, as a highly effective way for children to engage with books.

Kids’ Own is in the vanguard of the movement to make children’s community publishing inclusive, accessible and affordable – creating a bridge to the world of commercially published books by children, for children.


$22 AUD