Janine McCarthy

    Do you need pain relief? Are you tired of treatments that hurt? Looking for a natural, effective and lasting solution? 

    Ortho-Bionomy is becoming well-known for its non-force approach, creating the opportunity for change without the need for painful pressure or forceful manipulations.

    The Ortho-Bionomy practitioner asks 'what's the least amount of input I can give this person to help their body release pain?' Working smarter, not harder, there's no need for 'cracking' joints, working trigger points or using high-velocity adjustments. 

    Janine McCarthy is an Advanced Practitioner with over 20 years experience helping people recover from pain. Ortho-Bionomy uses specific positioning and gentle compressions that create a feeling of support, relief and ease. Your body recognises its opportunity to resolve painful tension patterns and your own natural healing processes take over, providing deep relaxation and lasting change.

    Many conditions improve in 1 – 3 sessions; lengthy treatment plans are unnecessary.

    First time clients often comment: "I feel so much better now than when I arrived", "I slept so well after the session", "I haven't felt this relaxed in ages", "The pain feels so much better already".

    What conditions can it help?

    Pain – injuries, after surgery, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraine
    Repetitive strain
    Women's health - reduce or eliminate menstrual, menopausal and reproductive issues
    Pelvic pain
    Support for recovery from trauma, stress, fatigue
    Scoliosis and kyphosis
    Frozen shoulder
    Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Headaches, jaw, TMJ
    Infant feeding and sleeping issues
    Children's growing pains, injuries, postural development
    Restoring alignment and movement reflexes for caesarean-born babies