Jill Humann

    Counsellor & Psychotherapist

    I have been working at the Abbotsford Convent as a registered Individual and Couple Counsellor for the past 14 years. In listening with empathy and non-judgement, I aim to help people identify patterns of thinking, behaviour and feelings that prevent them from coping effectively.

    I help people work with mindfulness so they can learn to slow down their reactive patterns of behaviour and be able to recognise what they are needing in each situation as it arises. Through the insights gained in counselling, many clients have said that they have learnt to live in a kinder, more conscious and less reactive way.

    Common issues that I work with individuals and couples are:
    • managing strong emotions – anxiety, stress or anger
    • stress management
    • work coaching
    • grief and loss
    • relationship difficulties including unresolved and escalating fights, lack of intimacy and infidelity
    • parenting differences
    • life transitions – birth, death, marriage, separation, a child moving out of the family home or menopause
    • diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening disease
    • traumatic events – motor vehicle accident, or a difficult birth