Intuitive Counselling

    Viviane Golan

    The intuitive therapeutic process supports and develops our capacity to evolve into the person we know ourselves to be. It encourages us to find the jewels, strengths and accomplishments that arise through navigating life’s challenges.

    It is also a relevant environment to explore issues of existence, purpose, personal power and living more fully and consciously. It is a restorative and precious space to enquire into those areas that are often neglected but that may be the most important.

    Viviane has more than 25 years experience working with individuals, couples and groups in ways that support growth, clarity, transformation and wholeness.

    Using a wide range of therapeutic and energetic modalities, Viviane provides a safe and healing environment where clients have the opportunity to explore themselves and their lives in ever deepening and enriching ways.

    Areas of expertise include grief, trauma, relationships and family dynamics, depression, anxiety, childbirth and parenting, life transitions, counselling supervision and meditative practices.

    Viviane’s qualifications include a Childbirth Educator Diploma, Bachelor of Social Work and PhD in Counsellor Education.