Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method

    Louise Rothols

    Louise Rothols is experienced in working with both adults and children and has specialised in child development and working with children for many years. 

    Louise graduated from the Biel, Switzerland Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 2005. In her practice she teaches group Awareness Through Movement lessons for adults wanting learn how to improve their quality of movement, as well as offering individual therapy sessions specifically suited to the needs of children with sensory-motor challenges and personalised sessions for adults with pain or chronic movement issues. 

    As well as being a Feldenkrais practitioner, Louise has also trained in the Anat Baniel Method Child Mastery Program. Anat Baniel is one of a number of Feldenkrais-trained practitioners to specialise in children with movement and learning difficulties. Anat Baniel's vast experience and knowledge has been accumulated into a book well-worth reading. Titled 'Kids Beyond Limits', it provides insight into the nine essential principles at the core of her teaching.

    In May 2017, Louise completed the Child'Space Method for Developmental Monitoring developed by Feldenkrais Method Trainer Dr Chava Shelhav. Child'Space supports and nurtures a child's learning during the period of development from birth to independent walking. The method's strategies focus on learning by providing functional opportunities. This makes the Child'Space Method applicable to all babies and children - from typically developing children through to special needs.

    Child'Space utilises touch, movement and sensory mapping in a respectful 'space' as well as at a child's 'pace' and guides parents in the language of early development.