Julia Broome

    As a Feldenkrais practitioner and physiotherapist, Julia recognises the interrelationship of mind and body. Julia graduated as a Feldenkrais practitioner in 1997 and this has been the primary focus of her work since then. Her practice is enhanced by many years in physiotherapy practice and over 30 years meditation experience.

    Many of Julia’s clients come for help with chronic pain, movement or neurological problems. She also works with people who wish to develop their capacity to perform, or simply develop self-awareness and become more adept and at ease in any activity.

    Julia has a deep curiosity about how mind and attention are engaged in both Feldenkrais and meditation and how practice in each arena informs and supports development of the other. Julia has completed mindfulness meditation teacher training and taught meditation over many years.

    Julia's qualifications include:

    • Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner CFP
    • Diploma of Physiotherapy
    • MAFG Australian Feldenkrais Guild
    • APAM Australian Physiotherapy Association
    • ATMA Australian Teachers of Meditation Association

    The Feldenkrais Method
    The Feldenkrais Method is a unique process of somatic education engaging the intelligence of the nervous system and its capacity to learn. The primary tool in this process is awareness. Using gentle movements and directed attention, you rediscover balance, flexibility and coordination and identify aspects of yourself rendered invisible by habits.

    In individual lessons Julia works with the student’s movement patterns, using gentle touch and guided movements. In group classes, each student pays attention to sensation of movements described by the teacher and through this process new ways of moving emerge. The Feldenkrais Method has many applications, including recovery from movement difficulties and enhancing performance in physical, creative and intellectual pursuits.

    The instrument we are learning to use more skillfully is our ‘self’. Unconscious habits often cause discomfort, excessive effort and interference with flow of attention and breath – adversely affecting movement, intelligence and creativity. Bringing these habits to awareness facilitates renewed energy, greater comfort, new perspectives and the ability to think, feel and move in new ways.