Existence Counselling

    Tas Manolopoulos BA Dip Ed Grad Dip Coun

    My name is Tas Manolopoulos and I have been working as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist since 2011. I have a background in humanities, the arts, yoga and education. I am committed in exploring matters of consciousness in ways that can help us to navigate both the obstacles and complexities of life and human behaviour. I have been studying counselling since 2009 and continually work at increasing my capacity to hold other people’s processes while working on my own. I have been a student of yoga and spirituality since 1996, which has informed the transpersonal approach to my work. Transpersonal Counselling allows for our life enquiry to include the world and the universe at large. My work is humanistic, person centred and emotion focused; using our present felt sense in our sessions as entry points to our psyche and to what we carry deeply within our day to day lives.

    Sometimes in the forming of patterns for everyday survival, we lose a real connection to ourselves and to who we are. Our definition of being ‘responsible’ is often clouded by other people’s expectations, and somewhere along the way we stop responding to our own needs and wants. To compensate for this loss, we form attachments to behaviours we come to believe are who we are. Existence Counselling allows us an opportunity to reconnect to the vastness of what it is to be human and alive. Steeped in psychological, philosophical and spiritual enquiry, we explore the innate and often forgotten questions of self and the universe. We use emotion focused, gestalt and transpersonal approaches in our enquiry, which aim to understand and release behaviour that doesn’t serve us, and to clear a path for true, liberated expressions of our magnificence…

    Price structure and content:

    • 60 minute session: $130
    • 90 minute session: $160
    • Block booking of four, 60 minute sessions: $480

    'Live life in such a way that you would be willing to repeat the same life eternally,' – Irvin Yalom