Clinical Psychology

    Claire Weightman

    Claire is a registered clinical psychologist devoted to practising and studying psychology for over three decades. 

    Claire offers focused psychological strategies, psychodynamic and evidence-based therapies including ACT, CBT and DBT; thought distortion emotion and arousal re-aligning support; and assistance with honing more positive personal choices and identity definitions. 

    Medicare rebates available for these and psychodynamic therapy support services. Gestalt techniques, Jungian symbolism, shadow self and identity analysis. 

    Current and historical trauma healing assistance. Dreaming, aware personal self reflection and dissociative state re-integrative practices. 

    Mindfulness and meditative mind stilling. Analytical, guided and focal methods. Traditional ancestral, cross-cultural and interactive, community re-connective support services. Wayapa Wuurrk and re-integrative lifestyle practices. 

    Trust, existential meaning and personal values exploration. Grounding and refocussing to assist major life losses, stress reduction, workplace stress, personal relationship misalignments, grief and trauma. 

    Tailored confidential supervision for mental health work-engaged colleagues also available by negotiation. General, Organisational, Clinical and Community Psychology endorsement support offered.