Visual Communication Victoria

    Teachers Association

    Founded in 1979, Visual Communication Victoria is a teachers association of professional educators, practitioners and students committed to the continued development and growth of Visual Communication Design within schools. The association provides support to teachers and students through professional learning activities and resources.

    Visual Communication Victoria's stated agenda is to:

    • Represent the views of teachers in the areas of Visual Communication Design
    • Arrange and conduct regular meetings of Visual Communication Design teachers and other interested parties, for hearing papers and discussions, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and lectures; and sponsoring or arranging visits of leaders in education from either Australia or overseas
    • Stimulate interest in education in Visual Communication Design and in developing methods of teaching and learning Visual Communication Design 
    • Sponsor or support activities that may assist Visual Communication teachers in the practice of, and development in, their profession
    • Promote educational research and investigate and provide for publication of the results and purposes
    • Undertake the publishing of resources and other information in the field to assist the teaching and learning of Visual Communication Design
    • Carry out the aforesaid objectives without private gain to the association or its members