Sophia Mundi

    Steiner School

    Sophia Mundi Steiner School is a prep to 12 school set in the grounds of the historic Abbotsford Convent precinct within the Yarra parklands. The school environment provides an ideal sanctuary in the busy inner city. Children from many backgrounds thrive and develop into confident, articulate individuals working harmoniously together. Sophia Mundi was founded in 1985 by a group of parents from many walks of life. They envisaged Sophia Mundi as a place resounding in music, sounds of children playing freely, of artisan workshops and a place of strong community.

    Educational activities are inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner. His philosophy of educating the whole child in a highly supportive and creative environment has given rise to a worldwide network of non-denominational schools. The schools are dedicated to helping children achieve their full potential, both academically and as citizens of the world. Steiner education is based on an understanding of the relevance of different stages of child development. Students develop a love of learning and an enthusiasm for school and a life long interest in the world around them. Imagination, academic, creative and musical activities are seen as integral to this learning.

    The recent addition of the international qualification – the International Baccalaureate further enhances the ability of students to not only access the premier levels of higher education in Melbourne but also throughout the world.