MC Two Pty Ltd


    MC Two Pty Ltd is the consulting firm of Joseph Connellan, which focuses on developing housing, aged care and disability services within non-Government and Government agencies. Joseph Connellan has more than 20 years experience in developing and delivering housing (disability, transitional, aged and co-operatives) and services to people with a disability including mental health and acquired brain injury (ABI). 

    Completed MC Two projects include:

    • Development of a growth strategy for a housing provider
    • Delivery of a new housing operating model for a charitable trust
    • Development of an affordable housing engagement strategy for a financial institution
    • Development of regulatory guidance for a Government agency
    • Assistance with partner selection for a disability agency
    • Development of project proposals  for a housing agency
    • Completion of a housing review for a mental health agency
    • Development of a strategy briefing paper for a peak body
    • Facilitation of stock transfer for a housing association

    MC Two Pty Ltd clients include:

    • Peak bodies (e.g. Community Housing Federation of Australia)
    • Housing associations (e.g. Loddon Mallee Housing Services)
    • Disability agencies (e.g. McCallum Disability Services)
    • Financial institutions (e.g. MECU)
    • Trust administrators (e.g. ANZ Trustees)
    • Government agencies (e.g. Victorian Housing Registrar)