Lentil as Anything

    Lentil As Anything is a vegan restaurant that believes everyone deserves a place at the table. A unique social enterprise, Lentil asks customers to pay what they feel the meal and experience is worth, and if they are unable to pay financially, to contribute by volunteering. 

    Serving nutritious and wholesome food in a vibrant setting, the Lentil community is multicultural and all inclusive. From Sri Lankan Dosas to Mexican Salsa, breakfast and dinner are a la carte, but the popular lunch buffet changes daily. 

    Live music, poetry and art installations are regular events at Lentil As Anything. Sit inside or enjoy the open air terrace that overlooks the lush convent gardens.

    Lentil As Anything also offers feel good vegan catering services across Melbourne.

    Pay-as-you-feel-delivery available: info here.