Filming & Photography

    Filming & Photography

    'Palladian' short film by Kuwaii, Sacred Heart, photo by Hana Davies, 2014

    The Abbotsford Convent has been a location for a variety of film and photography bookings. We have facilitated large film and television productions, advertisements, fashion shoots as well as many low budget student and artistic projects.

    We have a variety of spaces that range from refurbished rehearsal studios and heritage conference rooms to distressed industrial spaces. We also have a spectacular heritage garden and expansive grounds perfect for film/photography excursions and family portraits. If you wish to see these spaces you can view the images in the location details attachment or arrange a time with a member of the ACF.

    Fees apply for filming and photography at the Convent and they are primarily priced on their impact on the precinct and commercial potential. A detailed list of pricing structures is listed in the document below.  In order to undertake filming or photographic projects on site we require that you read and understand the Film and Photography Guidelines and then complete the Application Form. A $50 administrative fee applies to successful applications and all film and photo shoots must complete an application to proceed on site. Informal and small projects that do not require venue hire are often eligible for the minimum fee (administrative fee only) but are still required to formally apply.

    Student projects
    We are happy to facilitate most student projects. During the application process you will be asked if you are applying as a student. Small, low impact projects are eligible for a reduced $50 fee (administrative fee only). Evidence of enrolment at an academic institution will be required. For more details refer to the pricing structures.

    Wedding & engagement photography
    All wedding and engagement photography enquiries are managed by Bursaria who can be contacted directly on 03 9417 7771 or via

    Venue Hire
    03 9415 3608 

    *Please note all film and photo projects must complete an application before proceeding on site. 

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