A development opportunity for Victorian artists

Abbotsford Convent in association with Melbourne Fringe presents a laboratory intensive for contemporary performance for children under 12

Abbotsford Convent and Melbourne Fringe warmly invite children 12 and under and their families to join us for a unique hour of performance showings and activities where you will enjoy new work, meet artists, and provide feedback directly to the artists about the performances.

As part of the Convent’s Valuing a Young Audience program, talented performance makers, Sam Gaskin and Johnny Hamilton from Beat Entertainment, Hannah Vrijenhoek, and David Williams have each been developing three new performance works, supported by project facilitator Sue Giles and a bevy of experts in the field. Valuing a Young Audience was born out of the Convent’s passionate commitment to artists and quality contemporary arts and cultural experiences by, for, with and about children. Melbourne Fringe loved the concept and joined the Convent in delivering this brand-new project.

Please join us – the artists cannot make progress without you! Each artist will present a ten-minute snippet of their new work and engage you in creative activities to generate valuable feedback about their work directly from you, their audience.

 Come meet the artists, enjoy the activities, and be part of shaping contemporary performance for, by, with and about children.