Keep it Green: Urban Sanctuary

    As custodians of the Abbotsford Convent community precinct, it’s our privileged responsibility to care for, maintain and protect our 11 heritage buildings – as well as our precious and expansive green landscapes; places of retreat and sanctuary for all. The generosity of our community of supporters helps us do this.

    With another hot summer ahead, we’re thinking about all that we need to do to safeguard and protect our fragile plants, heritage trees and grounds.

    Right now, we’ve turned our attention to one of the most popular pockets of the precinct: the grassed Convent Courtyard and its surrounds. With the striking 67-year-old Liquidambar at its centre – as tall as the Convent rooftops – the four Linden trees along its perimeter, and the delicate gardens of the Fernery around the heritage Tempietto opposite Cam’s Kiosk – this space is a true treasure.

    We need to invest in the sustained care of our heritage trees and the rejuvenation of the Fernery’s original garden beds to ensure they survive and thrive through summer and the seasons to come.

    With your donation towards our current ‘Keep it Green: Urban Sanctuary’ fundraising appeal we will invest in dedicated care for this much-loved part of our green landscape, including:

    • Engage a specialist landscape gardener to develop and deliver design and planting recommendations 
    • Undertake repairs to the concrete edging of the Fernery garden beds and stabilise hardwood columns
    • Implement a new climate change-adaptive planting regime
    • Engage an arborist to assess, treat and protect precious trees
    • Assess and relocate heritage irrigation infrastructure
    • Engage a specialist heritage consultant to advise on all work

    ACF needs to raise $41,000 by 31 December 2019 to get these priority landscape works underway. That’s $41,000 in 41 days.

    You can help us get to work on this important project and continue to provide a welcoming place of beauty, biodiversity and tranquillity – by making a donation today.

    The Convent’s green landscape is precious – and it’s a huge part of what makes the precinct so unique, so important, and so magical. These spaces are here for you to enjoy – but we need you to show your love for the grounds that you love, too. Your support today will help sanctuaries like the Convent Courtyard and Fernery gardens survive and thrive.

    If the grassed Convent Courtyard is a special place of sanctuary and calm in your world, and you’re passionate about protecting our shared environment for the future, please make a tax-deductible donation to our ‘Keep it Green: Urban Sanctuary’ appeal today.

    Donate online or call Ali Murphy, Head of Development, on 03 9415 3600.

    Image by Anne Moffat