Maggie Vaiopolous, My Little Perfect

Maggie Vaiopolous, My Little Perfect

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My Little Perfect—sharing creativity, encouraging connection, inspiring creativity through the magic of art.

Artist Maggie Vaiopolous opened My Little Perfect in Melbourne after her son Will (now 10) was born and decided to pursue her art practice full time. Recently, Maggie welcomed her second “Little Perfect”—Hazel—and returned to the studio this year after taking some time off.

As a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in Fine Arts and Education, Maggie has been able to bring the two aspects of her creative practice together.

My Little Perfect offers a range of greeting cards, colouring-in books and posters and wall prints utilising her illustrations along with painting, drawing and printmaking workshops for children through to adults.

Maggie’s fine artworks cover a wide variety of subject matter inspired by the life and the world around her, people, animals, still life and colour. Her most recent work is a collection of life drawings which she is hoping to exhibit in 2022.

The philosophy that Maggie and My Little Perfect is to share, connect and inspire through the magic of art—be it making, learning or celebrating it.