Ant Day – children's book

$20 AUD

This beautifully illustrated book tells a story of pale ants that travel across the ocean to a beautiful island.

The story unfolds of their relationship with the true custodians, dark ants who for thousands of years have shown respect for the land and environment.

The arrival of pale ants caused great conflict and a disregard of the inhabitants traditions and culture. The new arrivals marked their beginning by an official date, now a holiday celebrated by pale ants every year.

They’ve named it Australia Day.

This celebration continues to cause the greatest sadness with the dark ants. For them this day marks cruelty, pale ant diseases, and a disregard to their traditions. An invasion to country; a land they love, respect and care for.

The intended readership is for young ages however the illustrations and content would be appreciated by all.


$20 AUD