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Meet the Development Team

This year we have a new development team in place.

Enrica Longo joined as Head of Development in April after returning to Australia from Vietnam, where she worked for more than three years with the World Mosquito Program as global Head of External Relations. In August, Rebecca Clarke joined as Grants and Administration Coordinator from Mecca Recruitment and Our Community.

Enrica and Rebecca are really looking forward to connecting with all of you.

Enrica Longo – Head of Development

Who I am: Before joining the Convent team I worked raising funds and support for a public health NFP, and the university sector. I come from a background in the media (as a journalist), public relations and publicity across several organisations including the National Gallery of Victoria. Married, I am a mum of two wonderful people.  On weekends I spend time with family, our two dogs, making pasta from scratch, gardening and assembling Sogetsu Ikebana arrangements and going to galleries. 

Why I’m here: It is a dream to return to the arts after I studied Fine Arts and Creative Writing at Melbourne University a lifetime ago. I am old enough to remember the community campaign that saved the Convent, and it is an honour to build upon that inspirational legacy and grow this magnificent place – especially now we have a new Master Plan. 

What I’m loving at the Convent: The people, the place. As I enter the precinct every day, I feel it is a great privilege to be able to be here. Meeting people who use and love the Convent is a joy. Every day I learn a snippet of the history or meet someone with a story to tell. 

Rebecca Clarke – Grants and Administration Coordinator

Who I am: Most recently, I worked in content writing and grants in Melbourne and in Queensland. In my free time, you can find me chasing waves on my 9’1 longboard, tending to my succulent green wall at home and scoping secondhand bookstores for art books. 

Why I’m here: Having studied both Creative Writing and Art Theory, I have a deep passion for the arts and literature. The opportunity to use the written word to support the arts sector makes my heart sing.  

What I’m loving so far at the Convent: Learning about the rich history of the Abbotsford Convent, both its roots and how it stands today, has been a wonderful surprise. I admire the way in which the ACF has nurtured this journey with such respect and as I walk around the grounds, it truly feels like the precinct belongs to the community.