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Meet Pivot artist Evan Lawson from Forest Collective

This month, we’re thrilled to continue Pivot , our eight-week pilot program funded by the Australia Council for the Arts, offering artists in-kind space and time to support them to safely investigate, experiment and re-contextualise their work for a post-pandemic world.

We recently sat down with Evan Lawson from Forest Collective to talk about his Pivot residency and all things COVID ‘normal’.

Who is Evan Lawson?

I am a composer and conductor of new classical music. I run Forest Collective, a group of artists dedicated to creating new and memorable art experiences, with a focus on new classical music.

Tell us about your PIVOT project.

Pivot was a fantastic opportunity for Forest Collective to explore how to create a COVID-Safe environment to create and perform chamber music.

Who inspires you and why?

Might be cheesy and corny but I find the life and work of Franklin Roosevelt really inspiring… being able to run the US, get the country going during the depression, fighting the war and dealing with polio.

What are you currently listening to?

Julia Wolfe’s Fire in my mouth, Olivia Newton-John’s Soul Kiss, and Carlos Kleiber’s recording of Die Frieschultz. 

What are you currently watching?

Drag Race! Both USA and UK seasons, so much to watch!

Guilty lockdown pleasure?

The Nanny and 30 Rock.

How do you think your artistic practice might change in a COVID-normal world?

Working in classical music, a lot of my working process with musicians needed to change. In addition to the practical in-the-room changes, it’s also been a wonderful opportunity to learn and adapt to working online and having closer connections to overseas collaborators.

What does the future hold for you?

Working on a new opera experience to be performed in France in June; hopefully some rescheduled premieres of my music that were cancelled in 2020; and lots of gigs with Forest Collective!

Image by Karon Locke