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Master Plan ‘Ideas Exploration’ Survey

Last year, we announced the exciting new Abbotsford Convent Master Plan project. The new Master Plan will provide a holistic vision for the Convent, informing the protection and enhancement of the precinct over the next decade, and beyond.

As part of the development of the Master Plan, we’d love you to complete our Ideas Exploration survey. We want to understand people’s reactions and responses to various strategies and ideas for how the precinct could be spatially organised, activated, and how people could move through and around it.

This Ideas Exploration survey is the second of three activities in 2021 to engage with a wide audience to get people’s feelings, ambitions and ideas for the Convent.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Ideas Exploration Survey

Thank you

The Master Plan project received grant funding from the Australian Government through the Australian Heritage Grants Program, and from Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.