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In Conversation with Ghost Wares Matthew Vrettas

Step inside the light-filled studio of ceramicists Ghost Wares and you’ll find neatly aligned rows of meticulously crafted mugs, teapots, vases and flatware in a range of muted hues. Walk a little further and you’ll usually find Matthew Vrettas seated at his wheel, towel over knee and hands over clay.

Ghost Wares have been spinning beautifully restrained pieces since 2016, and have been based in the Convent’s Sacred Heart precinct alongside a host of other creatives since its restoration in 2018.

We chat to Matthew Vrettas about how Ghost Wares came to be, their design philosophy, and how they’ve translated their unique ceramics into art.

‘Aggregate’ is Ghost Wares’ first visual art exhibition. What motivated you to exhibit at the Convent’s St Heliers Street Gallery?

Being a creative community, the Convent offers many opportunities to help develop and exhibit work – one of these is the chance to host an exhibition in one of the Convent’s galleries. This would be my first exhibition of this kind, and it allows us to take our first steps into this side of the creative industry. It lets us justify focusing on a project that is not a part of the main business, giving the opportunity to further develop as designers and makers.

How have you articulated the brand’s aesthetic and tactile qualities within the exhibition?

Our ceramics use the materials that create their structure as their final finish. In the same way, the objects in this exhibition show the differing parts they’re made from, which expresses the overall idea of the work.

‘Aggregate’ is an exploration of how components make up a whole, from the textured clay of each individual vessel to the larger landscape they create.

Watch a video of Matthew in action on our Instagram.

Lead image credit to Ghost Wares and Edward Vanzet. All other images thanks to Ghost Wares.