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In Conversation with Cam & Jules

In Conversation with Cam and Jules from Cam’s Kiosk

If you love good food and great vibes it’s likely you’ve experienced Cam's Kiosk at the Convent. Behind this destination restaurant is Cam Miller, who developed a passion for bringing people, food, music and art together while working for his uncle Steve Miller at Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment.

Alongside Cam is best friend and head chef Julieanne “Jules” Blum, who shares his love of seasonal ingredients and allowing them to shine in simple, tasty dishes.

As Cam’s turns 14, we talked to this dynamic duo about their incredible creative partnership and their growing plans to continue bringing joy to the people of Naarm/Melbourne.

1.   Cam’s Kiosk was born out of a love for the artists you met while working at Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment. What was it about this place that inspired you and how does your original vision compare to today

Abbotsford Convent has such a great community of artists and creators when I first came to work here. Steve’s was a hangout for conversation and meeting people. There really was no other place like it. Whenever there’s an interesting mix of artists here, the Convent comes alive. I love having ANAM on site, it’s incredible walking around the precinct and hearing music from behind doors. In my mind it is always the artists that make the precinct what it is. They make the buildings more than just historic, they give it purpose. We are just here to provide a place in the middle.

2.   Jules, your menu is always seasonal, delicious and really champions simple ingredients. Where does your love of food come from and how does the Convent inspire your incredible menu?

I originally started cooking at home with my family. Growing up with a classic Australian family inspired my creativity, as did seeing what else was out there! Cam suggested one day that I should cook professionally and gave me the opportunity.  I left here for a period and worked closely with Brigitte at Tedesca. It was an amazing experience to learn cooking at that level, and now back at the Convent, I have been able to lean into my creativity and grow into my cooking. The regulars at the Convent are such a large part of my passion for cooking. The community here creates a family atmosphere, people to cook for. As the gardens change each year, we respond to it with our menu.

3.   What do you love about working together and what inspires you most about the other?

Our mutual respect is what drives us. It’s so important to be able to put anything out there. We’ve helped each other professionally a few times, but through personal trials far more often. So many tears! It’s great to be able to share a friendship in a workplace. Being connected as friends makes cooking and creating much more possible.

4.   As Cam’s turns 14, what is your proudest achievement, and what is your creative vision for the future?

Our proudest achievement is building the team at Cam’s, the friends and people that work with us. In the future all we want to do is to cook and create for the Convent and its community. It won’t change.

Cam’s Kiosk opening hours:
Monday — Saturday, 8am — 11pm
Sunday, 3pm — 9pm

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