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Five Questions with Honey Cake King

A newcomer to the Abbotsford Farmers Market, Yelena Burdastykh has spent countless hours fine-tuning her contemporary take on traditional Eastern European recipes.

Her delicious honey cakes are fast becoming famous at the Abbotsford Farmers Market. We got the down-low on this cake and what makes it special. 

Can you tell us about your market stall?

I’m originally from Uzbekistan and I love bringing people joy with my cakes. I’m a home-based business, making creative layered honey cakes, combining my family recipes with a contemporary Australian touch!

How do you describe honey cakes (otherwise known as Medovik) to someone who’s never tried them?

This light and delicate cake is made with many layers of sponge cake and cream filling, and is often covered with nuts or cake crumbs. There are many variations but the main ingredient is honey, giving its characteristic taste and flavour.

How long does it take to make one cake?

This cake is known for its lengthy and involved preparation. Each layer must be baked, left to cool and applied with cream which needs to soak.  It takes 24 hours to complete!

Where do you get your ingredients from?

All my ingredients are sourced from Victoria, from the flour to the cream. The most important ingredient is honey which I get from Bad Bees right here at the market.

What do you enjoy about the Farmers Market at Abbotsford?

The location and atmosphere are so unique, being surrounded by beautiful buildings and music. But what attracts me the most are the customers who bring a great vibe every Saturday morning.

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