Business Plan

In 2022, the ACF Board delivered a new organisational focus for the Convent which provided the direction for the Business Plan 2022/23 – 2026/27. This Business Plan details the ACF’s new strategic priorities, our key markets, what we will do and the results we are seeking in a new COVID-normal world.

View the Business Plan here.

Annual Reports

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Master Plan

Our Master Plan provides a comprehensive vision for the Convent, guiding the protection and enhancement of the precinct over the next decade and beyond.

The Master Planning process was led by Hassell Studio as the Principal Lead Consultant with a team of specialised sub-consultants from diverse disciplines ensuring a holistic outcome. Key to this process was the feedback and insights from the Convent’s valued community stakeholders to produce a Master Plan representative of our community now and into the future 

A summary of our new Master Plan can be seen here.

You can also view our 2005 Master Plan Report.