Exhibition from RMIT x Ellis Jones

Friday 19 — Sunday 28 May
10am — 4pm

Opening night
Thursday 18 May, 6pm — 8pm

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Presented by Convent Live

What do we leave behind when we create? Who loses? And how can fungi guide us to a future where circular practices reign?

IM-PERMANENT probes these questions by inviting us into a world of unadulterated creation – one in which humans and nature are earnest collaborators in production. Brimming with conscious design and climatic hope, IM-PERMANENT is a foray into contemporary experimentations in mycelium from esteemed Australian practitioners. It interrogates the capitalistic approach to consumption by accenting the planet-centric alternative: a circular economy.Hosted by Ellis Jones and RMIT Industrial Design, IM-PERMANENT spotlights mycelium as a product, medicine, building material and textile waste incubator, highlighting this bio-material’s potential to enable cleaner systems of production.Displayed in IM-PERMANENT are more than 20 artworks – spanning sculpture, apparel, lighting, architectural pieces, signage and panels – that illuminate mycelium’s vast uses, as well as its ability to restructure traditional design. Through exploring material impermanence, not in the hyperconsumerist sense of obsolescence, but in terms of biodegradability, this exhibition celebrates a future where products are naturally regenerative; where materiality is steeped in ancient wisdom, and yet buried beneath our very feet.

Open daily from 10am — 4pm

Event program

Circular matters: A panel discussion

What are the challenges of moving to a circular economy through adopting bio-materials like mycelium? Join us for a thought-provoking afternoon, as researchers, designers and industry experts probe this topic. Chaired by RMIT Design researcher and educator Dr Judith Glover, the panel will feature renowned sustainability, biomaterial and mycelium experts.

Saturday 20 May
1pm — 2pm


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IM-PERMANENT Artist talks

Join the creators of the exhibition IM-PERMANENT for a discussion about their work. You’ll hear from select artists, including Alia Parker, Chris Miller of Studio Flek, Gyungju Chyon, Canhui Chen, Richard Greenacre, Mechelle Shooter and Josh Riesel on the thinking, process and challenges in creating their pieces.

21, 27 & 28 May
1pm — 2pm


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The Store is wheelchair accessible via a private side entrance. Gender-neutral and accessible toilets are available nearby.

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