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Cône 11

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Since its inception in 2008, Cone 11 has developed a reputation for inventiveness that has given rise to such joyful objects as Busy Beaker, Spool of Light, Water on Wednesday Flying Planters and The Mega Mozzie Toaster. Working from a warm, sun-filled space in the midst of Melbourne’s most unique creative hub, Cone 11 has established itself as a maker of high-quality and original ceramics.

Drawing from a palette of subtle surfaces that range from shimmering pearly whites to rich encrusted terracottas, each piece, whether it be functional or sculptural, is characterised by the distinctive mark of the craftsman’s hand. The studio practice offers a rare opportunity for the public to browse works for sale direct from a freshly fired kiln or watch a new piece spring to life from the centre of an ever-spinning wheel.