$22 AUD

The third book of stories gathered from South Sudanese families living in rural Victoria includes stunning photographic family portraits. The authors said, “We hope this book helps people understand, that whilst we were living through hard times, it was our beliefs, our culture and our faith that kept us going”.


H-23.5cm, W-16cm, D- 0.8cm


About the publisher.

Kids’ Own Publishing is a not-for-profit arts organisation that empowers children, families and communities from diverse cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds to share their stories through artist-led processes and community publishing. Children’s community publishing is widely endorsed by professionals in early learning centres, schools and libraries, as a highly effective way for children to engage with books.

Kids’ Own is in the vanguard of the movement to make children’s community publishing inclusive, accessible and affordable – creating a bridge to the world of commercially published books by children, for children.


$22 AUD