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Join us for an action-packed Autumn at the Convent full of art, music, festivals, food and wine events and more!

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Convento Live


Convent Live is a special program celebrating the Convent’s collaboration with incredible arts and creative industry leaders to inspire our community.

Play on presents Lotte Betts-Dean

19 May

Enjoy London-based mezzo-soprano, Lotte Betts-Dean as she performs contemporary classical chamber music with special guests. 



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Liquid Architecture presents Bonnie Mercer

27 May

Be part of worlds of unrestrained depraved feedback, hallucinatory white noise and sonic guitar experiments



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Markets and food events

Regional Farmers Markets

Second Saturday of the month

We are thrilled to announced that Regional Farmers Markets will be coming to Convento de Abbotsford every month from this May!  

Featuring a wide range of seasonal fresh producedelicious foods y condiments from Victorian farmers, you can now look forward to filling your basket with the best of Victoria each month! 

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Heathcote in the City

13 May

Heathcote Winegrowers Association is bringing a little taste of Heathcote to the Convent! With more than 80 wines available for tasting, this is also a chance to meet the faces and makers behind some of Heathcote‘s most well-known wines.


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Medical Pantry: Eco Hands Market

20 May

Medical Pantry is proud to be hosting their inaugural Eco Hands Market day at the Convent this May! The Eco Hands Market Day celebrates and promotes local sustainable brands that are committed to making the world a better place.

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Design and visual art

Melbourne Design Week at the Convent

18 — 28 May

We are proud to be a Melbourne Design Week hub. Check out our wonderful program of events that champion design in all forms.

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Melbourne Design Week: IM-PERMANENT

18 — 28 May

IM-PERMANENTE  invites us into a world of unadulterated creation – one in which humans and nature are earnest collaborators in production. Hosted by Ellis Jones y RMIT Diseño IndustrialIM-PERMANENTE is a foray into contemporary experimentations in micelio from esteemed Australian practitioners. It interrogates the capitalistic approach to consumption by accenting the planet-centric alternative: a circular economy.

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Melbourne Design Week: Origin to Object

22 — 28 May

Do you know where your timber comes from? It seems like a fairly straightforward question but it’s getting increasingly difficult to answer.

CERES Fair Wood has collaborated with a number of local furniture makers, all on their own journeys with sustainable timber, to design and build a truly local piece of furniture.

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Out of Many, One

27 April — 21 May

This exhibition ruminates on the diverse abundance of our living world. The paintings from the artist Jacqueline Claire Smith’s ongoing process of collecting and collaging photographs. Distinct landscapes are constructed through her process of assembling different images together. In her process of painting, various moments, forms, and locations blend in a soft and seamless manner.

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Convent Kids events

Pram People

A celebration of community, Pram People rolls out the red carpet for every pram, big or small. This is a playful and welcoming approach to community participation through joyful movement and connection, using the most universal of vehicles – the pram.

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Mobile MESS

14 March

Back by popular demand, get creative in this fun hands-on workshop that allows kids to experience the magic of electronic sound creation

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Child Nation

New adventures are released every month until June so you can keep popping back for new fun!

Using a hand-held device, kids are prompted to answer quirky questions in response to the things they see around them. Their ideas are then used as part of a story-like adventure that happens in the real world.


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Creative workshops and tours

Social History Tour

7 May

Join our passionate guides to discover the diverse history of the Abbotsford Convent and explore hidden pockets of our historic precinct.

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MAKING CONTACT Open Floor dance workshop

9 May

Let go of inhibitions and expand awareness through this lively, mindful, free-form dance workshop. 

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Art Feast

7 May

Presented by Custard Creative, these art workshops provide a different flavour to what you may have experienced at your regular creative workshop. You will find yourself dancing, meditating, exploring different art and textile media, collaborating, learning different drawing techniques and tools, splattering paint with your fingers, we are endlessly experimental!

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