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Heidi Everett

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Heidi Everett is a writer, award-winning multimedia artist und independent producer. She is also an advocate for mental health und neurodivergent-lived-experience, based in Melbourne on Wurundjeri Country. Heidi is the founder and director of Schizy Inc. (pronounced ‘skit-zy ink’), a non profit arts organisation, led by and for, creatives with diverse mental illnesses, with an art studio at Kloster Abbotsford. Heidi received the Victoria Government Disability Volunteer award, the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Human Rights award, and the Melbourne FRINGE Access and Inclusion award for her work in theatre. Heidi speaks regularly at social impact forums, writers’ festivals, and in the arts sector about access and leadership. Heidi‘s critically acclaimed memoir My Friend Fox was published by Ultimo Press in 2021 with an adjunct illustration exhibition The Artful Fox at Dax Gallery in 2022.

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