In Conversation with Music in the Round Artistic Director Chris Howlett

    It’s that time of year again, when the Abbotsford Convent gears up to delight audiences with some of the finest classical musicians in the country at Music in the Round. We chat with Music in the Round Artistic Director and cellist Chris Howlett about what’s in store for this year’s audiences, his top picks, and why he loves performing at the Convent.

    In Conversation with Abbotsford Convent’s c3 Director Jon Butt

    We chat to Jon Butt, Director of the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space, as he reflects on the last ten years at c3, the power of community-driven arts, and the Convent’s plans for the gallery’s future.

    In Conversation with FDC's Convent Restoration Management Team

    This year, the Abbotsford Convent Foundation has proudly partnered with FDC Construction & Fitout to help restore and repair the Convent’s crumbling walkways – and to open up a new piece of the Convent’s history for the very first time. Heading up the project are Livia Ying (Project Manager), Vanessa Borg (Contracts Administrator) and Amy Lampard (Client Services, Business Development and Design Manager) – a powerhouse female team with a passion for heritage projects. We chat with Liv, Vanessa and Amy about the project ahead, FDC’s ongoing partnership with the Abbotsford Convent, and what they enjoy most about their chosen field.

    In Conversation with Heritage Conservator Penny Byrne

    This year, with the help of the Convent’s network of supporters, the ACF has engaged heritage conservator Penny Byrne to repair the crumbling 110+ year-old tessellated tiles lining our public walkways. We talk to Penny about what’s involved in such a delicate project, the impact of a National Heritage listing, and her upcoming tenancy at the Convent. 

    In Conversation with Abbotsford Convent Artist-in-Residence Luke George

    We chat with 'A Call To Actions' creator and Abbotsford Convent Artist-in-Residence Luke George about the intimacy of group movement, breaking down barriers between performer and audience, and how the Convent grounds provide the perfect space for experimentation. 

    In Conversation with Convent Volunteer Anouk Dijkman

    From children’s programs to gallery exhibitions, markets to musical performances, the Convent’s volunteer community plays a critical role in supporting our work and providing a welcoming face for thousands of visitors. As we celebrate Volunteers Week around Australia, we chat with one of our international volunteers, Anouk Dijkman, about ways to experience a new country, make friends and gain professional development through the joys and diversity of experiences while volunteering at the Convent.

    In Conversation with Q44 Theatre's Gabriella Rose-Carter

    Ahead of Q44 Theatre's premiere of 'Ironbound' at the Convent, we get the lowdown from Artistic Director and Founder, Gabriella Rose-Carter, on 'doing' over 'thinking', the importance of finding your tribe in pursuing your craft, and what it's like to play a woman whose relationships are bound by compromise.

    In Conversation with Sound Artist Thembi Soddell

    Plunged into darkness and subjected to an array of voices. Find out what awaits inside 'Held Down, Expanding', a single-person performance installation by Thembi Soddell, at the Convent this weekend as part of Liquid Architecture's 'Polyphonic Social'.

    In Conversation with Chubby Cheeks Ice Cream's Tess Elliott

    Make the most of the hot April days while you can with Chubby Cheeks Ice Cream at the Vegan Market of Melbourne! We speak with Chubby Cheeks founder Tess Elliott about the praline, puns and solar power that keeps them churning out the deliciousness!

    In Conversation with Ink & Spindle

    We speak with new Sacred Heart tenant Ink & Spindle about their hand-printed textiles, artist collaborations, mother nature's inspiration, and find out just why sustainability is so important for a small business.