In Conversation with Abbotsford Convent Artist-in-Residence Minna Gilligan

    Step into Minna Gilligan’s maximalist heaven, where feminine iconography is celebrated and freed from a traditionally male gaze, and colour reigns supreme. Minna has transformed her studio space for visitors at Open Spaces on 17 and 18 November. We chat to Minna about her art, her inspirations, and the importance of having ‘a room of her own’.

    In Conversation with Polyglot Theatre’s Sue Giles

    Larger-than-life ants collecting breadcrumbs, a giant tangle of colourful elastic, creature costumes fashioned from brown paper and tape…. Polyglot weave their theatrical spell over the simplest of materials, conjuring worlds of imagination that delight children and their adults. We chat with Sue Giles, Artistic Director of Polyglot Theatre, about being the new kids at the Convent, their upcoming program at Open Spaces, and Polyglot’s secret recipe for unleashing the creativity of children.

    In Conversation with Music Programmer Joel Ma (Joelistics)

    Multi-talented producer Joel Ma (Joelistics) has curated an exciting Open Sounds music program, bringing world beats to our heritage gardens and eclectic DJs to Sacred Heart as part of Open Spaces. Spread over two days, the lineup includes Senegambian Jazz Band, Cool Out Sun, Aaron Choulai x Daichi Yamamoto, and many more. We chat to Joel about what he has in store for this year’s audiences, and what’s next for him as an MC, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

    In Conversation with Convent Artists Jo Condon and Nadin

    The Convent’s St Heliers Street Gallery is an exciting space to showcase the work of our creative tenants and the wider artistic community.The gallery currently offers an abundance of photographic delight with concurrent exhibitions by Convent tenants Nadin and Jo Condon. We chatted with Jo and Nadin about their exhibitions and their passion for seeing light within nature, themselves and others.

    In Conversation with Dance Plant Collective

    Goodbye conscious consumer, hello capitalist perfection… Dare yourself to question the ethics of your consumption in Dance Plant Collective’s new work MEAT. After a sellout season in Auckland, the collective will make their Australian debut at the Convent as part of this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival from 28 – 30 September 2018. We chat to Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler and Natasha Kohler from the collective about the power of contemporary dance as a vehicle for change, the themes explored in MEAT, and what they hope audiences will take away from the work. 

    In Conversation with Latitude 37's Laura Vaughan

    Here at the Convent, we love surprising audiences with a diverse range of musicians at our annual Music in the Round. This year, baroque trio Latitude 37 will add their unique flavour to the mix, delighting audiences on baroque violin, viola de gamba and harpsichord. 

    In Conversation with Forest Collective's Nikki Edgar

    Forest Collective invite audiences to experience music in new and expanded ways at Skin Deep, a unique performance exploring unconventional notation. The performance will take place at the Convent on Sunday 19 August. We chat with composer, cellist and Forest Collective member Nikki Edgar about the upcoming show, the premiere of her new piece, and the importance of experimentation in music. 

    In Conversation with Music in the Round Artistic Director Chris Howlett

    It’s that time of year again, when the Abbotsford Convent gears up to delight audiences with some of the finest classical musicians in the country at Music in the Round. We chat with Music in the Round Artistic Director and cellist Chris Howlett about what’s in store for this year’s audiences, his top picks, and why he loves performing at the Convent.

    In Conversation with Abbotsford Convent’s c3 Director Jon Butt

    We chat to Jon Butt, Director of the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space, as he reflects on the last ten years at c3, the power of community-driven arts, and the Convent’s plans for the gallery’s future.

    In Conversation with FDC's Convent Restoration Management Team

    This year, the Abbotsford Convent Foundation has proudly partnered with FDC Construction & Fitout to help restore and repair the Convent’s crumbling walkways – and to open up a new piece of the Convent’s history for the very first time. Heading up the project are Livia Ying (Project Manager), Vanessa Borg (Contracts Administrator) and Amy Lampard (Client Services, Business Development and Design Manager) – a powerhouse female team with a passion for heritage projects. We chat with Liv, Vanessa and Amy about the project ahead, FDC’s ongoing partnership with the Abbotsford Convent, and what they enjoy most about their chosen field.