In Conversation with Luke Scott, Head Brewer at Prickly Moses

    With nearly 20 beers and ciders in their repertoire, Prickly Moses prides itself on using the best possible ingredients – none more important than the rainwater they harvest from The Otways. We speak to Head Brewer Luke Scott about their range and what they’ll be offering punters at this year’s Brewers Feast, 1 – 3 December, at the Abbotsford Convent.

    Discover your path to wellbeing at WellBeing Open Day

    How do your mental and physical health impact each other? What are some common negative thoughts and habits that impact our happiness, and how can practices such as yoga and Feldenkrais help with this? The Convent’s WellBeing Open Day explores all this and more, providing free taster sessions, linking you directly with a range of practitioners across a number of specialities, and helping you to discover what it means to be well, and to flourish!

    In Conversation with Next Wave Festival Creative Producer Erica McCalman

    With an intimate view of the artists and their project development, Next Wave Festival Creative Producer Erica McCalman gives us a sneak peek into the make-up of Next Wave 2018 following a three-day intensive workshop at the Abbotsford Convent.

    In Conversation with Artist Tai Snaith

    From little things big things grow – including 'Gardening is Not a Rational Act', the group exhibition at c3 Contemporary Art Space, which highlights the artists' love of gardening. We speak with artist and curator Tai Snaith about her garden, her art, and how they intersect.

    In Conversation with Fringe Festival Artist Yvette Turnbull

    You're not in control of the weather but you are of 'CLOUD CONTROL', the interactive sculpture by artist Yvette Turnbull as part of the Melbourne Fringe. Explore the relationship between the clouds and your mood. Come play! At the Abbotsford Convent for two days only.

    In Conversation with Artist Mary Peacock

    Taking inspiration from the site and its unique history, Convent-based visual artist Mary Peacock 'maps' together stories of the Convent in her newest work as part of Melbourne Fringe. Join Mary on Thursday 28 September for a free tour to learn more!

    In Conversation with Author & Illustrator Trace Balla

    From the Glenelg River to the Grampians, Trace Balla has sought inspiration river wide and mountain high for her acclaimed books, 'Rivertime' and 'Rockhopping'. Now Trace comes to the Abbotsford Convent these school holidays to help inspire children to create their own stories! We find out from Trace what children can expect when they step inside 'The Grand Imaginarium'.

    In Conversation with Music in the Round Performer Anna Goldsworthy

    Award-winning pianist and writer, classical music ambassador Anna Goldsworthy takes to the stage at Abbotsford Convent for Music in the Round, 24 September 2017. We chat with her about her love of Bach, her best-selling memoir 'Piano Lessons', and the lasting influence of her childhood piano instructor.

    In Conversation with Author Chris Womersley

    Witchcraft, sorcery, magic spells – what’s not to love asks author Chris Womersley of his latest book 'City of Crows'. We speak to the award-winning writer about the novel’s female protagonist, whether truth is stranger than fiction and the importance of reading.

    In Conversation with the Vegan Mini Market

    Delivering delicious and ethical vegan produce and products at the Abbotsford Convent each month, including Asian cuisine, cakes, pies, fashion, craft and more, we speak to the inventors of the new Vegan Mini Market, Simon Hughes and Miriam Jans, about the stallholders taking part in the first market this Saturday, 8am – 2pm.