In Conversation with Grand Ridge's Sam Cumming

    Over one big weekend, on February 23 and 24, the Convent will welcome hundreds of craft beer fans to celebrate summer at Brewers Feast. We chat with Sam Cumming from Grand Ridge, one of the breweries taking part in the event, about the ins and outs of craft beer, trends in the industry, and what festival guests can expect from Grand Ridge at Brewers Feast.

    Announcing Our New Monthly Market Provider

    The Abbotsford Convent Foundation is pleased to announce that Melbourne Farmers Markets (MFM) has been appointed to deliver a regular food market at the Convent from 23 February 2019. As the existing regular market contract was nearing its completion date, it was timely for the ACF to consider ways to improve and expand our market offering through collaboration with our creative tenants, partners and the broader community.

    In Conversation with Penny Quartet’s Madeleine Jevons

    Known across the country and beyond for their vibrant approach to performance, Penny Quartet will present a concert of Beethoven and Mozart favourites at the Convent on Friday 15 February. We spoke with Madeleine Jevons from Penny Quartet about the group’s exploratory attitude to repertoire and how 2019 is set to be the quartet’s biggest year of performance.

    In Conversation with Choreographer Ashley Dougan

    Forest Collective’s upcoming production shines a new light on the Orpheus myth, paying equal attention to his love of men and women. The show’s premiere season will run from 31 January – 3 February at the Convent as part of Midsumma Festival. We chat to Orpheus choreographer Ashley Dougan about this world premiere ballet-opera, and the lesser-known elements of the Orpheus myth it explores.

    In Conversation with Slow Art Collective's Dylan and Chaco

    This month, hundreds of children are descending on the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space to experience Slow Art Collective’s Sensory Art Lab. We chat to Dylan Martorell and Chaco Kato from Slow Art Collective about Sensory Art Lab, their slow art philosophy, and why simple materials can often generate the most wonder.

    In Conversation with The Boîte's Eyal Chipkiewicz

    Embracing Australia’s diverse musicians and introducing world music genres to wide audiences, The Boîte has been a key player in Victoria’s multicultural music scene for the last 40 years. We chat to The Boîte’s Eyal Chipkiewicz about the organisation, their upcoming Singers’ Festival at the Convent, and how music can facilitate social connection.

    In Conversation with Kids' Own Publishing's Anna Dollard

    Kids’ Own Publishing hands the creative reins over to kids, to tell their stories in their own words. We chat with Anna Dollard to discuss their upcoming program 'I Spy', the power of creating and sharing stories by children, and how she believes ‘books build bridges’ to facilitate social connection and empower communities.

    In Conversation with Musician Aaron Choulai

    Classically trained by some of the best jazz pianists in the world, Aaron Choulai’s path to becoming one of Japan’s most sought after hip-hop producers is not what you might expect. We chat with Aaron about his eclectic background, his collaboration with Daichi Yamamoto, and the influences that collide in their beat-making.

    In Conversation with Her Words Founder Domini Marshall

    In a media landscape dominated by the male perspective, where women’s stories are too often shaped by the men who tell them, empowering women to share their experiences is a radical act. Domini Marshall, founder and director of ‘her words,’ is aiming to tackle gender inequality through empathy and education – specifically, by giving women a safe and supportive platform to tell their stories in their own words.

    In Conversation with Abbotsford Convent Artist-in-Residence Minna Gilligan

    Step into Minna Gilligan’s maximalist heaven, where feminine iconography is celebrated and freed from a traditionally male gaze, and colour reigns supreme. Minna has transformed her studio space for visitors at Open Spaces on 17 and 18 November. We chat to Minna about her art, her inspirations, and the importance of having ‘a room of her own’.