Our Vision
    To create an exemplary arts, cultural and learning site, a welcoming and lively place that encourages collaboration and social interaction at all levels.

    In collaboration with Convent tenants, the Board has developed the following Mission Statement to guide the development and operation of the site. The strategies to achieve the Vision are in Part 2 of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation Business Plan (refer to the document below).

    To animate the physical spaces and natural environment by attracting creative and innovative people as users, collaborators and tenants.

    To encourage lively dialogue about the activities and directions of the site in an atmosphere based on transparency, tolerance, respect and open-mindedness.

    To conserve and enhance the heritage assets of the Convent in their historical context whilst ensuring maximum access and amenities to all visitors.

    To ensure the continued financial strength and long term viability of the ACF.

    To provide good governance, build the public reputation and profile of the Abbotsford Convent, ensure diversity of tenancies and undertake commercial activities in an ethical and fair manner and ensure public safety and enjoyment of the site.