Nada Čordašić

    Venues Coordinator

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    With a background in theatre, mime and stage management, Nada knows all too well the artistic and creative needs of our various venue hirers. From wellbeing workshops and yoga classes to live performances and film shoots, Nada works with our Venue Hire team to make sure there’s a space for everyone at the Convent.

    Certified in stage combat and sword fighting, it kind of makes sense that Nada’s favourite part of the Convent is the long, narrow and rather dramatic black and white checker hallway of the Convent building. Great place for a duel Nada! When she’s not wielding pointy props, Nada likes to take her dog Nugget for a walk, find inspiration in the works of Jane Campion and Patricia Cornelius… and to start and end sentences with unnecessary ellipses…