Our people


Collette Brennan

John Di Natale
Chief Operating Officer

Leonie Wray
Tenant Community Manager

Nada Čordašić
Acting Venues Manager

Sherry McLane Alejos
Acting Venues Coordinator

Natalie Smith

Jo Leishman
Associate Producer

Jon Butt
c3 Contemporary Art Space Director

Katie Paine
c3 Gallery Manager

Alexandra Murphy
Head of Development

Philippa O’Brien
Development Projects Officer

Estelle Conley
Marketing & Communications Manager

Luke Gianfriddo
Administration & Governance Manager

Kristen Augeard

Alice Brush
Volunteer & Admin Coordinator

Ilona Molyte
Accounts Manager

Shona Kohler
Accounts Coordinator

David Campbell
Buildings & Facilities Manager

Lynette Dean
Heritage Assets

Jason Kain
Site Operations

Mal Jackson
Convent Gardener

Joanne Bechaz


The Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) is a company limited by guarantee formed and operating under the provisions of the Corporations Act. It is governed by a skills-based Board, responsible for strategic planning and long-term policy setting.

The Board sets the vision and mission of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation and the Directors have the same responsibilities as any company director, so they must provide financial and fiduciary oversight and make sure that the ACF operates within all relevant laws. The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer and evaluates the CEO’s performance.

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